Thursday, June 15, 2006

Saturn Local

Cool. Found out that a musician from the Sun Ra Arkestra, or played with THE Sun Ra, lives on our little hill. If you don't know, Sun Ra played the piano, synth, keys and lived in Chicago, then New York and finally Philly. He played an eclectic, outrageous jazz that went in all different directions but kept the beat goin'. His music was "far out" there and "hypnotic".

He was very much into "an unexpected hybrid of space-age science fiction and ancient Egyptian cosmo religious trappings". He told everyone that he was from Saturn, and not earth. He, in fact, had no birth certificate. Just a one of a kind human.

Wonder what our local Montecitoian plays in the band? Wonder if he or she is from Saturn? Either way, welcome and hope to listen to the music sometime.

Read more here:

Sun Ra "Astro Black"
The Sun Ra Arkestra "Egypt Strut"


Blogger mrG said...

I heard that Sun Ra did have a birth certificate, issued by the United States of America, and it said on it, Birthplace: Saturn. I heard that when musicians questioned his teachings or derrided him as just another show, he would show them that birth certificate as issued by the US Gov't and it would shut them up pretty fast.

Thursday, June 15, 2006  

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