Thursday, December 18, 2008


Found this bike that just couldn't go on anymore down under the Ave 52 bridge. Looks like it was used and used until it finally died.

The bike culture here out in Northeast LA is rad. Seeing more and more people on all types of bikes around Highland Park to Lincoln Heights to the Cornfield.

A couple of local goodies you may or may not know about:

Bike Oven (3706 Fig) Cool little store owned by a couple brothers I believe. Stop by almost any night and they'll talk shop with you, show you how to fix your bike and basically just stoke you out on bikes.

Flying Pigeon bikes (5711 Fig) They have these Dim Sum rides almost every weekend where they go to a different Dim Sum spot. If you don't have a bike, show up anyway and they'll let you borrow one. Watch out though, you might buy a Pigeon after riding one, they are great bikes. Last ride of the year is this weekend, from their site (

"We meet on Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 5711 North Figueroa, Los Angeles, 90042 at 10AM for a quick cup of warm green tea, an air pressure check, before riding at 10:30AM."

Cycleway Coffee (5526 Monterey Road) Inside, there are many cool old photos of the elevated bike path that used to connect Pasadena to Downtown, nine miles of biking freeway. How nice would that be if it was still around! The only bad/weird thing about this coffee house is that there are no bike racks outside of it. A coffee house based on biking with no bike racks outside?! Weird.

Anyway, there are tons of clubs to join around town catering to whatever kind of biker you are. Or just hope on your bike and get out and get some fresh air!!!

Pink Floyd "Bike"
Pigeon John "Growin' Old"


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