Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Downtown Snacks

Pretty common knowledge but hopefully never taken for granted. Downtown, and all its coolness, is very close to us. Always something going on in the City. An art opening or a traveling down low dj.

Bike/skate/run down the hill, hop on the Gold Line and 5 minutes later you'll be walking up to the MOCA. Beer in hand grooving another 5 minutes later.

The Saturday night MOCA specials in the Summer have started up again here. A different band or dj or artist or all of the above will be there every Saturday thru late August!!!

Part Time Punks at 6pm.
Screening on an artist at 7pm.
Dubwiser dubbing it up at 8pm.
Some spoken word at 9pm.
More part timing punk spinning after.

Upsetter.net "Radio Scratch"
The Skids "Scared to Dance"


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