Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This Land is Our Land

Not much has happened to this site since this picture was snapped 6+ months ago. Slow goings on. Different tractors and dirt pushers every week. It is a big steep piece of land. Hopefully they are getting a interesting architect to design a cool looking house. The hill doesn't need anymore ugly boring boxes. Do something that will stand out in 10 years. Please.

And with each piece of land that is churned up and being made into a houses, it is affecting the hills wonderful natural wildlife. The new houses down on Bernice, boxes of course, ruined a natural thoroughfare for coyotes. It used to be their regular path up the hill and now they are forced to move. The developers could have made their giant ugly site more local animal friendly but why would you do that when it is all about the dollar? The coyotes are being pushed out farther and farther and their open spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. I know change will always happen, especially in a big city, and we are super lucky to have as much space as we do, but it is still sad. I have only seen one coyote this year so far. Haven't heard their eerie cries as much either. Hope they learn to live and adapt around all of the new construction.

Bad Brains "Naughty Dreadlocks 'Pon the Mountaintop"
Don Coyote " Escuchen"


Anonymous reverb said...

...I dont understand why there re no laws that say that you cant build every piece of land that you own and try to lot...

this is not good for noone except the real stater

Tuesday, July 10, 2007  

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