Thursday, January 17, 2008

Anatomy 101

Been reading about this uproar over the city sanctioned and backed mural down in the Los Angeles River. Gloria Molina, the County Supervisor, is all in an uproar and leading the charge to whitewash all the beautiful murals down in the river.

I couldn't find the area of the murals until I came to the bridge at Figueroa and was blown away by the bright colors and huge murals. Supposedly, Molina believes that the murals are obscene, mostly because of a topless woman. A green pair of breasts. Now, have the people who are against this art seen the surrounding area? THAT is obscene.

I recently went up to the new beautiful Griffith Observatory. And noticed something. Thousands of people walk into the front doors and if they happen to look up...the horror! Topless women! And they ain't green. Cover your kids eyes! Just another cool piece of sponsored art. Obscene too, Molina?

C'mon you County Supervisors, are you really telling me a cool mural down in a concrete river is more wrong than a mural up on the inside dome of the Observatory? Who knows, maybe Gloria was cool when she was just starting out. Now she is all jaded and bitter and wasting her time on things that do nothing to improve anything.

Just one thing I noticed traveling around recently. Read more about it here.

Neil Young "L.A."
Ry Cooder "A Meeting By the River"


Anonymous Lurker said...

HA! Nice link between the Arroyo murals and the Griffith Observatory.



Wednesday, February 06, 2008  

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