Tuesday, June 27, 2006


If you haven't been, or haven't heard about it, skank down the hill and over to The Echo. Every single Wednesday, their dj's always spin the old roots of reggae throughout the night. Every so often they pull in some of the bigger reggae legends when they come to town (Wailing Souls last month, Scientist last couple of months, etc).

This Wednesday is a treat, Jamacian legend Rankin' Joe will show up. He is an old school "toaster" who has worked with all island lengends and, of course, recorded some records at the legendary Studio One. Also with LA's own Future Pigeon. They are an eight-piece dub/punk band with cool vocal samples to new-wave synths to ska horns, organ, melodica and a smooth rhythm section. Sounds like the roots of dub colliding with the future.

Rankin' Joe "Wood For My Fire"
Wailing Souls "Dog Bite"


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