Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Baze and Buk

Bukowski knew the place to have fun. Our own Hollywood Park goes neglected sometimes. Yes it is no Santa Anita or Del Mar, but it still has some deep history. Plus, who cares, you can drink and smoke and gamble on ponies.

Every Friday, well unfortunately there is only one left (July 15th), they have cheesy bands playing after the races. You missed Berlin, Baha Men, Sugar Ray, but would have loved to seen DMC live. Catch the Romantics this Friday. But you really go to see one of the Bazes (Russell, Tyler or Michael) win the race. A not so secret bet: Baze.

I confused the mailman
there was an old couch on
the porch and many a morning
as he came by I'd be sitting
there with, say, two of them
we'd be sitting there with our
beer cans, smoking and
Bukowski, "Third Lung Review" 1992

John Lee Hooker "One Bourbon, One Shot, One Beer"
A Tribe Called Quest "Hot Sex on the Platter"


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