Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Peace in the Middle East.


Interesting blog from a friend's American cousin over in Beirut.

Photo is An der Küste in Beirut

"The numbers: (from the Lebanese side of the equation)

6 sleepless nights
5,000 Lebanese refugees, majority of children under 15
2 billion dollars of destruction to be added to a 36 billion public debt
198 civilians dead (and 20 on the Israeli side)
360 wounded

I think we all agree that Hezbollah is NOT allowed to control a part of Lebanon; is NOT allowed to hold arms; is NOT allowed to kidnap 2 soldiers (and hold a whole country hostage of its actions); is NOT allowed to bomb Israeli land; and is NOT acting on a Lebanese agenda (more likely an Iranian-Syrian one)

On the other hand, Israel is NOT allowed to bomb massively residential areas; is NOT allowed to hold a whole region [the](South) in complete isolation, cut from electricity, bread, water, medication; is NOT allowed to destroy civilian infrastructure (20 bridges, countless roads, a number of privately held factories; and even some positions of the Lebanese army); and is NOT allowed to use Phosphoric bombs to protect itself

So NO to war, to destruction, to blood and tears and pain
NO to civilians suffering on both sides,
NO to other peopleÂ’s war being fought, once more, on Lebanese land.

I just fear that once all foreigners currently in Lebanon return to their homeland, the international community already speaking mellowly- will once more forget about civilians suffering in the lands of the Middle East.

I fear that on day 6, no negotiation seems to be close to begin…

Shalom, Salam, Peace indeed"

Legion of Mary "Since I Lost My Baby"
Bob Marley "No More Trouble"


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