Thursday, September 14, 2006

Support your local artist

This Thursday, September 14th. Come on down to a bar in our hood. Local street artists including him (on the flyer I got) along with some djs, and who knows what else, will be at a cool little party on Broadway. I was so stoked to be handed this flyer when I recognized the art! I hope to shake his (or her, who knows?) hand on Thursday and say thanks for adding your touch to the otherwise dull urban structures.

Who knows who this street artist is or where he lives but he is very prolific. I began seeing his little stickers and posters as far down as Long Beach. I moved to Montecito Heights and started seeing his art everywhere. I wish I took a picture, but if you drive down the 110S from our area, by Dodger Stadium, I am sure you have seen the huge poster of him on the side of a bridge. It is gigantic but I don't know if it is still up. Take a second next time you walk or ride or skate around town and look up, you just might see this dude that goes by the name Graffism.

Look closely on the crossing light, Lincoln Heights.

No Parking Any Time sign, Montecito Heights Drive

New structure being built, Chinatown

Airliner Bar, 2419 Broadway

Nas "The World is Yours
Amon Tobin "Stoney Street"


Blogger Jane: Shades of Shakespearean Green said...

i take pictures of street art too. i've seen obey in prague and on the eiffel tower. something surreal about it.

have you been to

the man is living the dream.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006  

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