Monday, August 21, 2006


I am one of the few that actually loves earthquakes. The shaking. The power. The randomness. I feel bad for the death and destruction they create but unfortunately that is just nature.

If you have lived in California for any length of time, you have felt many small quakes and maybe even a big one or two. We sit right upon many active faults and our fault areas in Los Angeles are really getting the squeeze.

A couple of years back, scientists have discovered a new fault that is even more under us on the Montecito Heights side of things. The study finds "the strain is rapidly accumulating within an area 7.5 to 16 miles south where the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys and nearby hills meet. The region is located between the Puente Hills fault, which begins south of downtown Los Angeles and extends east, and the Sierra Madre fault, which runs along the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. The finding also suggests that the Puente Hills Fault and nearby faults in the area, such as the upper Elysian Park Fault, may be more likely to break than those elsewhere in metropolitan Los Angeles."

The Harvard Gazette is yappin' about it. The even more prestigious The Onion chimes in also.

Who knows, all this could make our side of California break off into an island. This wouldn't be all too bad. It would definitely open up a whole new coast of surf breaks!

Beck "Terromoto Tempo (Earthquake Weather)"
Beastie Boys "Shake Your Rump"


Blogger warm jet said...

I sit overlooking the golden state fwy, the amtrack yard, across to the view of Dodger stadium, the downtown skyscrapers and to the north a faint glimpse of the Hollywood sign and think how complete would this be with a Scorpian Bay type point break to top it off. No, I'm not spoiled.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006  

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