Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Backyard Tour

The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design and its annual summer "On the Map" series are coming to Montecito Heights! They pick 8 or so of the best of the best. This Thursday, at 7pm, you can tour a neighbors huge house that you thought you would never see inside of, well, for 15 bucks.

If you enjoy architecture and design, check it.

July 27
Tom Marble and Pae White
White Marble Residence
4027 Paige Street, Montecito Heights 90031

Some info on the deal... "On The Map is an annual tour of recently completed design projects that are presented on site by the architects. The events are open to the public. There is an admittance fee of $15 for non-members per event. The events are free for LA Forum members. Attendees can join the Forum the night of the event or on our website: www.laforum.org."

Master P "Time to Check My Crackhouse"
Talib Kweli "Ms. Hill"


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