Tuesday, August 08, 2006


As you probably have heard, a Superior Super Warehouse will be coming to the old Albertson's location on Figueroa. We all knew it was coming to our area. Some of us wanted a Trader Joes. Some wanted a Whole Foods. I am just glad any supermarket will now be close by. Apparently, Superior Super Warehouse is known for its cheaper prices, more of an upscale look than other "warehouse" stores, has a bakery, deli etc.

There will be a Superior Super Warehouse meeting tonight at 7pm in the Ramona Hall. Come share your thoughts and concerns as the Superior people will be laying out their plans, community survey results, ideas for the store and will take resident questions and concerns. They seem pretty open to suggestions and want to make this market fit all of our Northeast LA needs and wants. Plus Councilmember Ed Reyes will be there in the flesh.

Ramona Hall
4580 N Figueroa St
Highland Park

Please contact Albina Ferreyra with questions on 213.485 0763

Sounds superiorly super!

The Clash "Lost in a Supermarket"
James Brown "Super Bad"


Blogger warm jet said...

My god!! someone in my hood? and with the same issues goin on? Crazy baby!!
Those Super Duper Mega Qicki markets have taken over the MT.
I gotta go to freakin Glendale to go to a damn Vons.
Those markets have nothing to offer me and at the same time their prices are
bleeding the poor that will go there.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006  

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