Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Modest Mouse ripped last night. Two drummers, two guitarists including Johnny Marr, a keyboardist, a bassist, some other guy on the decks. They all switched up instruments every song and added banjo, horns, piano, stand up bass, etc. Some of their new songs even sounded good. Isaac, the lead singer, really puts his all into his songs.

That said Ticketmaster, Clear Channel, and even the Wiltern FUCKING SUCK.

Let's count the ways:
1. $30 ticket and then you add another $9 and another $4.50 in charges.
2. Online, there is nothing to tell you that you might get an UP or LOWER ticket even though they are the same price. I got the UP ticket and had to sit, hate sitting, at the concert way up high. Pretty weak that Ticketmaster, or the Wiltern for that matter, don't tell you that beforehand when you are ordering them. Lady at Wiltern told me it is just random chance which one you get. Uh, okay.
3. Ask for tap water after my one beer, since I am driving, and they say "no, you gotta buy bottle water" and "we count cups so we can't just give you water". What? Then I finally convince the waitress to use my old beer cup for water since that would let you still "count your cups".
4. She comes back with a fucking HALF full cup of water. That "is all the bartender would give me". I just laughed and laughed, I mean, you can't really get mad because of the stupidity and absurdness of it all.

Amazing. Now I don't know if this is a Clear Channel policy, a Wiltern policy or what but I will NEVER go back to the Wiltern unless it is the only chance I have to see a certain band.

FUCK Ticketmaster
FUCK Clear Channel
FUCK Wiltern

Sorry for the rant but it was unreal last night.

Rage Aaginst the Machine "Taking the Power Back"
Nirvana "Territorial Pissings"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you mean Live Nation, not Clear Channel

Tuesday, November 07, 2006  

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