Monday, July 07, 2008


Just like the writing says. Careful! Exactly right. The semi-blind onramp at 52nd.

Offramps are 70mph to 10mph. Onramps are 0mph to 70 mph. There is something invigorating about them though. The onramp at 43rd feels like you are setting up for a Six Flags ride. The downslope gives you a great view of the oncoming traffic as you inch up. Now you are one car away and planning your strategy. Your turn is up and you see the blinker of the oncoming car in your lane. What if he just forgot that his blinker is on? What if he does get off the freeway and you blew your chance to get on. Never be indecisive. Just go. Just another day on the oldest freeway around.

Old and In The Way "I Ain't Broke (But I'm Badly Bent)"
Pink Floyd "Careful With That Axe Eugene"


Anonymous Dona Junta said...

As a matter of fact this is funny because ysterday I had to pick up and drop off my friend and I had to get off that very exit, it was crazy since I am used to driving on the Harbor Fwy part of the 110! we come a long way from cars going 30 mph. geesh it's pretty scary..I almost turned into the emergancy lane part right before the exit lol

Wednesday, July 09, 2008  
Anonymous Cornelius said...

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012  

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