Friday, November 17, 2006

Town Frogs

This will be where the next cool art explosion that happens around here. Little know hidden area between the LA River and I-5. Small old houses and apartments filled with people that have been here longer than you. Along the concrete river stretch of this area are many old dilapited businesses. But what is inside is another story. Amazing work is going on. Wood shops, architecture think tanks, metal works, and many, many artists.

Ventured over to Frogtown, after reading about a little enclave in our backyard. Just get on Riverside and follow the river. Felt like Downtown probably did several years ago. A little brother, or sister, to the Brewery. People restructuring old buildings, making artist lofts, artistic living, throwing parties, inviting people in. Tonight even had a couple DJ's and some heads cooking up some very good grub. Big part of the whole Los Angeles River revival. Even if it is concrete.

Support and respect art.

Taj Mahal "If the River Was Whiskey"
39 Clocks "Stupid Art"


Blogger warm jet said...

Don't ya just love when you discover
pockets of energy and free living in this mostly mundane city?
I have friends in Frogtown, and your right about the downtown comparison.

Sunday, December 03, 2006  

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