Friday, July 18, 2008

New Life

Traveled by this place last month and saw a note. Some car smashed through the fence Kool-Aid style, threw it in reverse, and took off. Maybe someone saw it? What cowards just driving away, wonder if they ever were caught?

Owners must have been very thankful for that huge thick front yard tree or else the car would have ended up in the living room. Scary, you can even see some fender marks on the trunk. Who was it? Drunks? Car racers? Show-offs? Pre-handsfee law cellphoners?

Tonight, I flew past the place on the top of the hill. Wait...I know that knocked down fence was around here. I could see all the fences up and down the street but did not see a new looking fence. Cruised around and finally saw the work. Cool! It has a modernish feel now, and it all just blends into the hill. Good job by the fencebuilder Angel. (I think that 's his name?).

Jackie Mattoo "Jump the Fence"
Souls of Michief "Cab Fare"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the little rock and horsetail zen garden addition

Thursday, July 31, 2008  

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