Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fear of a Black Hat

Recent picture of the wonderful and local Southwest Museum going under for some repairs.

Heard of this awesome new site. Whether you agree or disagree it seems like it will be good to get the word out and inform the people. They say, "The purpose of the blog is to reach out to museum, accounting, legal, education professionals, students,and concerned individuals across the nation to inform, discuss, and analyze the implications of an ongoing effort of the former Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage to move the entire Southwest Museum from its nationally significant landmark campus into an expanded single Autry Museum building in Griffith Park. The proposal has been severely condemned by historians, archaeologists, historic preservationists, civil rights leaders, and community activists. Over 7,000 people have signed a petition demanding that the Autry not be granted City of Los Angeles permission to use City park land to carry out this plan."

"The Biggest Black Hat In The West blog: Autry National Center's "Theft" of the Southwest Museum" Check them out: www.blackhatblog.wordpress.com

The Cramps "What's Behind The Mask"
The National "Fake Empire"


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