Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No More Boxes

Incredible. Some dude, who I've heard is a son of an oldtime Montecito Heightian, is trying to squeeze in 5 houses on a small plot of land at the intersection of Latrobe/Sinova/Elderbank. His old man must be second guessing himself as to why he
left this land to his greedy and selfish son.

Just so happens that this plot of land is mostly a steep hill, sits right at the edge of Deb's Park, would need a new street built at a blind intersection, and would wrap around behind two existing houses. Of course all 5 houses would be ugly square boxes with little or no back and front yards.

Oooooh, maybe the developer would even make them that great tan color!!

Oooooh, maybe these houses will sit vacant and not sell like the other 2 developments of box houses.

One could only hope.

If you live up here, you probably got emails and a flyer on this recently. Please take the time and send out the email and/or mail your thoughts in. Every little response counts. There is no need to squeeze in 5 houses to a small area just to make a little profit. Not every bit of land needs to be built upon. Let the hawks and coyotes and rabbits and the other locals live in peace.

There is a meeting at the MHIA tomorrow night (Wednesday) and Mr. "Local" Developer will be there showing off how and why these houses will be so great for our little town. 7pm.

Let's all go out there and yell a big "GO HOME KOOK" to him tomorrow!

The Israelites "Come Together"
Brett Dennen "Ain't No Reason"


Anonymous clk said...

Thank you for doing this. I read your blog all the time and I'm really glad people are beginning to wake up to what's going on. Keep it up and thanks for encouraging people to write letters.


Thursday, August 21, 2008  
Blogger Lee said...

Damn greedy arshole......sorry

Friday, October 17, 2008  

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