Thursday, May 11, 2006

Burnt Bar

Same day as we found out that we got the place on the hill, Sharkees burnt down in my hometown. This, if you don't know or have never been there, was the most popular bar in the South Bay. Day and night people were cavorting and dancin'.

What bad luck to burn down just before their huge money making summer season. It's a shame, but to be honest, I never liked the place anyway.

Arcade Fire "This Must be the Place"
Thievery Corporation "As Vast as the Sky"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not today

but tomorrow. That is when we find out if we have become Montecito Heights residents. It's a small and elite community, especially up on top of the hill. I will definitely miss the beach but not its people, for the most part. Some good ones there. Some very fun ones there. Some same old same old there. Will miss the ocean the most but I know I will actually surf more days than living close to it. I love the hunt of the surf and living close to the beach makes you lazy about exploring.

Us against another buyer. David against Golaith. Mom n Pop store against Home Depot. He sells his house by tomorrow and we lose. No one buys his house, we be livin' in Monty Heights come July!

Miles Davis "Don't Lose Your Mind"
Roberta Flack "Trying Times"

Monday, May 08, 2006

We won!

We knocked down the big man and got the pad. Amazing!

Montecito Heights is going to be a well connected community. I want to help make that happen.

Now, first, we got to figure out how to pay for the house.

Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer"
Journey "Don't Stop Believing"