Friday, November 30, 2007

Slight Return

One day of nice happy holiday cheer. The next back to bizness. Turkey Day is OVER. Back to the hard realities of life.

The Evens "Pushed Up Against a Wall"
Railroad Earth "Long Way to Go"

Saturday, November 24, 2007

No mas!

Found this pic on the LA Times website submitted by a fellow Montecito-ian. A "mfbenedict".

That is the view I saw this morning as I was driving down the hill. Crazy. Such a clear beautiful day marred by another Malibu fire. Not a cloud in the sky and except for the huge plumes of smoke far off in the distance. Knew it was Malibu again the first second I saw the smoke. Not again. This one struck more houses this time. Heart goes out to all who are affected.

The amazing firefighters have to be honored again. They were quick on this one and are fighting it hard. Hoping for no more injuries.

Yonder Mountain String Band "Not Far Away"
Al Barry & The Cimarons "Morning Sun"

Friday, November 23, 2007

Writing is on the Wall

Local Style.
Rite Aid.
26th n' Daly.
Turkey Day 2007

The Black Lips "Lock and Key"
Wu-Tang Clan "Intoxicated"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Wow. Can't sell the boxes so let's lease them.
Wow. No creativity, so lets build square ugly houses.
Wow. Look at all those windows, oh wait there are only a couple small ones.
Wow. Look at those 2nd story windows, but no balconies to enjoy the view.
Wow. Look at those back yards, some must be at least 5 feet deep.
Wow. A couple of them don’t even have back yards.
Wow. Look at those front yards, all pavement.
Wow. Actually, the front yard is just an alley to your neighbors garages.
Wow. You can have a 3 foot side yard that you share.
Wow. Inside might be nice but hey look there is your neighbor’s window 10 feet from yours.
Wow. Check out all the different color boxes to choose from.
Wow. You can come home and drive up the super skinny road to your super skinny alley and then you can relax in your super skinny backyard and then in the morning you can do a 5 point turn to get out of your 2 foot driveway.

Buddy Holly "You're So Square"
Carl Perkins "Matchbox"