Thursday, January 29, 2009


Love Farmlab. I can never make their Friday midday shindigs but I am sure they are interesting. They have a wonderful location overlooking, and using, the huge "cornfield" park. Check them out some day.

Rad Farmlab car garden.

Rad Montecito Heights "Farmlab Imitation" car garden.

Roscoe Holcomb "Fair Miss in the Garden"
Soul Runners "Grits N' Corn Bread"

Friday, January 23, 2009


Pretty shitty how they are making everyone pay to continue to watch tv. Just because they need to change to digital should not mean that they should be allowed to make everyone pay a fee. Some people are just barely getting by and now they need to pay 50 bucks? Seems unfair to the not as well off people.

Anyways, I came across one television down in the Arroyo who refused to change and did something about it.

Television "Elevation"
Suicide "Ghost Rider"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Is there anything better than that little path up to the lake?

Not many people, other than the locals, know about this gem high up on top of the hill.

Old and In The Way "Wicked Path of Sin"
Karl Blau "Lake King's Daughter"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Rent

First foreclosures, and now, sadly the sagging economy has hit a local business in Montecito Heights (that is 1 out of the total 5 in town). The Chinese Herbs place has gone on to greener pastures. I maybe saw that place open only a handful of times. But, I won't miss the "Sexual Viagra" flashing neon sign in their window all night. Made this little town ugly.

So who'll move in behind those lovely blue bars? Another herbs place? A bike shop? Maybe a pizza joint! Either way you would get a good neighbor in Jeny's hair salon and of course the nice people at Rodriguez's Market. And you know the Aves got your back.

Herbaliser "New + Improved"
Sixto Rodriguez "Sugar Man"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pick 'Em Part II

Here is another foreclosed house up on the hill. And it ain't nothing to look at from the street but you wouldn't have any neighbors on the lots on either side. A definite fixer upper but oh the views.

3 levels of boxy white glory. At least it has some long balconies on each floor running the length of the house. Kick your feet up with a beer and watch the ball games below you on that field. Or bet with your friends on when the Gold Line will pass by the Southwestern Museum Metro stop.

Views for days from this house. Who knows how the inside looks but who cares really. Try to find a house with these classic Los Angeles views anywhere in the city for cheaper.

Bill Monroe "White Rose"
Jackie Paris "Make Me Smile"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pick 'Em - Part I

Some great foreclosed houses up on our lovely hill. This house would go for 1 million plus up in the Hollywood Hills. But unlike there, we don't have the snobby people and all that ugly traffic. From the outside, it looks like a 4br/2ba house sitting up on Paige and Edendale. Who is going to snatch it up?!

Kinda ugly exterior. But at least it comes with a free day bed and desk.

Small grassy yard but comes with an amazing view looking out to Downtown, Dodger Stadium, Griffith Observatory, on and on. A 270 degree view of NorthEast Los Angeles.

Under the cat* is a nice hot tub with, as you can see, amazing city views. Kinda small backyard with an ugly chain link fence. *Cat to be determined if included in price.

Foreigner "Waiting for a Girl Like You"
Son House "My Good Gal"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Day

Diff'rent moods. Same day. 3pm light and 5pm light.

Continuing the theme of double takes. Northern Montecito Heights.

Johnny Cash "Supper Time"
Casiotone "Natural Light"

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Back on August 19th we were scared and nervous about the intersection of Elderbank and Latrobe. Great piece of empty space bordering Deb's Park was on the brink of having 5 houses (!) built on the tiny lot.

Check for the old post.

Anyway, the open field has been saved! Developer lost and is forced to move on to some other place to ruin. Get lost.

Yeah Montecito Heights and ALL that were involved with their tireless campaigning and standing up for what they knew was right!!! The field looks especially lovely right now all green and lush and happy in the Winter.

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders "Keepers"
Rage Against the Machine "Killing in the Name"

Monday, January 05, 2009


Nothing like waking up with your amor and writing some early morning graff.

Cheap Trick "Writing on the Wall"
Corisco e os Sambaloucos "Sem Amor"

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Welcome California says the sign. Nondescript outside.Three barred windows. You come here, you are drinking. Nothing else. Guarantee those smokey walls have some tales. The classic straightahead sign lends perfection and amusement.

A true, true "Nigth Club".

Willie Colon "Atrapado"
Cat Power "Live in Bars"

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Under Siege

What the hell? Cars being broken into almost daily over the holidays. Mail being stolen out of mailboxes on Montecito Drive. Graffiti popping up on several walls all over the hill. Even a report of a house being broken into up on Pagoda Place.

We ain't going to take this anymore. Be on a careful neighborhood watch and report on any and all sketchy people. Happy New Year!

Murs "I'm Innocent"
Black Keys "Strange Times"