Monday, January 15, 2007


Need a fruit tree for your backyard? Want to be one with the earth and grow your own apples and oranges? Want to do your part cleaning the air in Los Angeles? Well, this Saturday, January 20th at the Glassell Park Community and Senior Center, a great organization will be giving away fruit trees! And Eric Garcetti and the Mayor himself, Antonio Villarraigosa, might even show up.

They will have over 350 trees to give away thanks to TreePeople and the Mayor's 1 Million Tree Initiative. Trees are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be a variety of Fruit and Shade Trees to give away: apple, apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, orange, Brazilian guava and passion fruit!

Also, if you would like to help out read this from Glassel Park Improvement Association:
"Please meet us at the Glassell Park Community Center located at the Public Storage Building on Eagle Rock Blvd. and Verdugo Rd. enter on Verdugo Rd. just before the swimming pool at the Rec. Center. Be there at 8am and if you have old newspapers and plastic grocery bags, bring them, we will need them. We will then carpool to TreePeople's distribution center at Hanson Dam in Granada Hills, prepare the Trees and bring them to Glassell Park. Once we arrive at the Community Center the distribution will take place. We are expecting a much bigger event so we can really use your assistance this year."

Location: 3750 N. Verdugo Road, in the parking lot just north of the Glassel Park Recreation Center Pool on Verdugo Road.
Time: Noon until 3 pm.

The Handsome Family "Through the Trees"
Joseph Hill "Behold the Land"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well the ugly, boring, mini-mansion box houses along Montecito Drive are almost finished.

Can you pick the eight items that are out of place in this picture?

Sayings like "Why make something so ugly?" have been spray painted on these faux rocks by the locals here. Heard the jokes from many people asking if "the Disneyland ride" is finished yet?

Thank you to the MHIA, who fought and won to have the development company "only" build 8 houses instead of 10. Heard these are going for close to a million a live in a box, with no style or soul, cookie-cutter, and a view of your neighbors kitchen outside your window 10 feet away.

Modern Architecture!
Forward Thinking Design!
Wooooo, sign me up!

Ugly Duckling "The Drive Thru"
Minor Threat "Out of Step"

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Seen a bunch of new gang graffiti around these parts lately. Lots of crossing out the others names. Lotsa different colors. More shops and garages getting tagged. New spots that have never seen graffiti. Angry tags. Taunting tags. Is it just the winter blues? What does it all mean?

Lets all hope for peace. Just look at what unneeded wars have done for this country.

Cut Chemist "Live at the Peacepipe"
Merle Haggard "The Fighting Side of Me"