Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tip Top

This land is your land. Vacant lot at the end of the houses just before the radio tower. No one will be building on the other side of you, or on flat tops for that matter, anytime soon. Spectacular views of downtown, hollywood sign, Dodger stadium, the city below....but you already know the luxuries of living up here.

A drawback would be that you would not have much of a yard. It will be all house, hanging off the hill. Hopefully whoever buys this piece of land will do the right thing and NOT build on it. Keep our hills development free for as long as we can. Plus, the asking price is $349K!

Yonder Mountain String Band "Heading for the Hills"
Fela Kuti "Observation is no Crime"

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Now I love graff, good graff, as much as the next person but sometimes it just goes too far. For no reason other than to just deface property, spraypaint your name on a wall, hurting others, no thought and and no good comes from it. Pick another wall for your stupid shit.

Went through Silverlake the other day and noticed the Elliot Smith memorial wall was all blue. Not a huge fan of him but I can respect what his music did for many people. Thousands of people have signed this memorial wall for him and with 10 seconds of someone's paint, it has all been ruined. I see this kind of graff more and more around town and it is the lamest of the lame. Just huge unreadable letters covering entire walls. Do they use some paint gun? Throw the bucket of paint up against the wall? Some of these are covering 2 story walls along the 5 North coming into our little town! It takes no artistry. No thought.

Maybe they can save the Smith wall, very painstakingly, but I was more than a little bummed at seeing it. Hopefully the person was caught midway thru his "masterpiece".

Elliot Smith "Oh Well, Okay"
Bad Religion "We Are Only Going to Die (For Our Own Arrogance)"