Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Drummer Billy Martin, keyboardist John Medeski and bassist Chris Wood feed off the crowd energy and the energy of their multiple instruments. Medeski taps out hypnotizing rhythms and complex toons out of his keyboard. Along with a cavinet in his left hand and Hammond B3 organ in his right hand. Wood slaps his upright non-stop with complex time syncopations and when he gives that up, he grabs his electric without missin' a beat. And finally, Billy Martin, wails on his drums and out come African, Brazilian and down south funkified dirty beats.

Together they push the envelope into outer space stylings and wierd, funky, strange, complex, amazing music. They sometimes get very close to Sun Ra territory, which is hard to do.

They'll play the banjo, the mandolin, the trumpet, the sax, your forehead, several instruments I have no clue what they are, etc. Extraordinary musicians playin' music, as it should be, feeding off of each others sounds. None of these threee minute and out songs here. No radio friendly verse/verse/chorus songs here. Just good ol' pickin' and beatin'.

Tonight at the Fonda, best place around in my opinion as far as the total experience to see a show, John Scofield will join them. Scofield is one of the best at the jazz guitar. He played several months ago at the El Rey and covered his whole set with improvs on Ray Charles songs. You gotta have balls to do that! Amazing shit if you were lucky to see it.

Go check them out tonight. You'll see your drive/bike ride/bus ride/walk home tonight in a very different light and come home energized. Who knows, you might pick up some long put aside dusty instrument and find the love all over again.

Medeski, Martin, & Wood "Orbits"
U-Roy "Your Ace from Outer Space"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Parkin', Downtown Stylee

A celebration of history, community & environment in the cradle of Los Angeles.

Saturday, September 23rd, 9:30am-5pm

Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N. Spring Street
(One block north of the Chinatown Gold Line Station)

The site formerly known as `The Cornfield' was once slated for over
1 million square feet of industrial development. However, in what
is considered one of the great environmental victories of the late
20th century, a diverse coalition of community activists known as
the Chinatown Yard Alliance defeated the development and secured the
land for open space.

Now after five years of park planning, California State Parks will open a
13-acre Interim Public Use Park at the newly classified "Los Angeles State
Historic Park" in downtown Los Angeles.

The Grand Opening celebration will include a full-day of live music,
entertainment, refreshments, interpretive walks, and fun. Live musical acts and
entertainment include QUETZAL, MARIACHI DIVAS, Taiko Drummers, Afro-Cuban
Drummers as well as the East Wind Lion Dancers, Shaolin Monks, children's
activities and more. Bring a blanket and a friend and enjoy the new downtown
park against the scenic LA skyline.


Waylon Jennings "Where Corn Don't Grow"
Outkast "Rosa Parks"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Support your local artist

This Thursday, September 14th. Come on down to a bar in our hood. Local street artists including him (on the flyer I got) along with some djs, and who knows what else, will be at a cool little party on Broadway. I was so stoked to be handed this flyer when I recognized the art! I hope to shake his (or her, who knows?) hand on Thursday and say thanks for adding your touch to the otherwise dull urban structures.

Who knows who this street artist is or where he lives but he is very prolific. I began seeing his little stickers and posters as far down as Long Beach. I moved to Montecito Heights and started seeing his art everywhere. I wish I took a picture, but if you drive down the 110S from our area, by Dodger Stadium, I am sure you have seen the huge poster of him on the side of a bridge. It is gigantic but I don't know if it is still up. Take a second next time you walk or ride or skate around town and look up, you just might see this dude that goes by the name Graffism.

Look closely on the crossing light, Lincoln Heights.

No Parking Any Time sign, Montecito Heights Drive

New structure being built, Chinatown

Airliner Bar, 2419 Broadway

Nas "The World is Yours
Amon Tobin "Stoney Street"

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Classic

If you haven't got your fill of the beach over this summer. Or if you didn't get to the beach over the beautiful Labor Day weekend. This would be a good opportunity to go. The Malibu Beach Classic is going on this weekend. This contest has been going on since the early '60's when Malibu was being spoon fed to Hollywood and the masses.

It is put on by the old school Malibu Surf Club, they do a ton of good ol' ocean charity work with Heal the Bay and Surfrider. Come out and support them, watch some super hot dog surfing, watch the only two days you can see only a couple people in the water at Malibu, watch how the peeling long waves of a point break should be ridden, watch a tandem surfs (usually guy holding a girl doing insane acrobatics), watch the lovely beach girls trying to get some competitors attention.

Just come sit at the Los Angeles beach and enjoy.

Reverend Horton Heat "I Can't Surf"
Van Morrison "Slim Slow Slider"

Friday, September 01, 2006


Please take special note that there will be a fireworks display on Friday, September 1st approximately fifteen minutes following the game. The fireworks will last about a half hour. We received many wonderful comments from our neighbors regarding fireworks displays this season and we hope that you continue to enjoy them.

Susan Wong
Manager, Community Affairs
Los Angeles Dodgers

Thank you Susan. I very much enjoyed the show from my little shack's backyard in Montecito Heights. And the Dodgers won too. Good night to be living in Los Angeles. Only wished I had a better camera. Or a teleschope.

Radio Birdman "Insane Alive"
Digible Planets "Flying High in the Brooklyn Sky"