Thursday, December 28, 2006


The latest happenings in Montecito Heights...

It is still the most beautfiul place to live.

Yep, we are still above the city.

Can't decide which is going to stay the longest: the boring graff on the van, the arrow (that has been there for over 2 months!) or the little art piece (saw this just before I left for the holidays).

Either way, the leaves are all yellow and gold, the hills are greener than usual, clear skies where up in the Audobon trails you can see Baldy to Orange County to Catalina to the Santa Monica mountains to the ugly Burbank buildings to the smog in Ontario.

James Brown "Blind Man Can See It"
The Peddlers "On a Clear Day"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Los Angeles

If you came across this picture, you wouldn't think Los Angeles. At least not present day Los Angeles. Where can you still find open hills and open land in Los Angeles? Where is the Borders/Starbucks/Cost Plus mall? Where are the houses upon houses? Broken down truck, brown hills and snow in the distance. But maybe the graffiti on the truck door would be a giveaway.

One of the many reasons we are so lucky to live in Northeast Los Angeles.

Roscoe Holcombe "The Hills of Mexico"
Del McCoury Band "Cold Rain and Snow"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Spotted right in our area! Right down by Lacy St. and Ave 33. Luckily it is behind a huge barbed wire fence and doesn't look like it can fly away anytime soon.

Heard the owners of it sometimes play down at Mr. T's Bowl.

Flyin' Burrito Brothers "6 Days on the Run"
Thievery Corporation "The Outernationalist"

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Highland Park Skate

If you don't want to go downtown to skate, then do the REAL kind of skating at the new skate park in our area. Jose Huizar, a Councilmember, has been pushing for this for awhile now and it is finally done. Cost about a million dollars!! Pretty high for a skate park, must be a good one. I hope.

The thing that happens sometimes is that the City puts all this money into a skate park thinking it can do it the same way as a regular park. Then, while it might look amazing, it is a complete waste because it doesn't "skate well". The transitions don't line up, the lines aren't good. I really, really hope they got together with some actual skaters and listened to their ideas and feedback. Otherwise, this will be a million dollar ghost town and everyone will be bummed.

But I am being optimistic. It is going to be great no matter what for the kids to skate all day and stay out of trouble. SKATE!

Here are the details.

Garvanza Skate Park Groundbreaking

December 9th, 2006 11:00 am

Corner of Ave. 63 and Meridian

Dead Kennedys "Hop with teh Jet Set"
Fugazi "Instrument"

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Downtown Skate

If your girl, or boy, wants you to go ice skating this holiday season and you really, really hate to ice skate and wear scarves and put on gloves and fall down and be cold. Well, you got no excuse now. At least I don't.

Every Thursday thru January, Spaceland is having bands play at the Ice Rink at Pershing Square! Downtown. They got some good bands coming up too. Check it.

This Thursday 8pm - 10pm
Very Be Careful
Boll Weevil

Dec. 14
The Submarines
Great Northern

Dec. 21
Los Abandoned !!


The Submarines "Peace and Hate"
Very Be Careful "La Gatera"

Monday, December 04, 2006


UPDATE: Click here for the latest Red Flag info from the LAFD site. And check out the surprisingly cool LAFD blog.

With all of the Red Flag days lately I wanted to pull out a pic from a couple months ago. As most people know, there is a water refill station that the fire helicopters use, up in the hills of Montecito Heights. We got to remember to thank these guys and girls who are out there risking their lives everyday to save your houses, and lives.

Of course there are always the asses who graffiti the Red Flag day signs as I have seen some posts about it on the local sites. Why? And I am sure it is the lame sort of tagging and nothing artistic about it whatsoever. And they have to use special extensions to tag the high Red Flag signs. Use those extensions to produce a beautiful mural high up somewhere.

Anyway, give a pat on the back or a verbal thanks the next time you see a brave Fireman or Firewoman.

Grateful Dead "Fire on the Mountain"
Wailing Souls "Firehouse Rock"