Sunday, October 22, 2006

Union Station Rockin'

Global Inheritance is putting on a cool ass show at the Union Station down the street from us. It is free.........but you have to do the unthinkable in Los Angeles, ride public transportation. I wish more people would, including me, but I try to whenever it "works out". Which is not how public transportation should be. Guess I am jaded from living in the great city of San Francisco for so many years.

Anyway, a band, an artist, a photographer and some others are all trying to do something about changing that. Bringing much needed awareness and "coolness" to the public transit here. Gold, Red, Blue, Amtrak, Buses, any valid Metro ticket is only way to get into the show for free. And we all saw how the word got out about Banksy, and Fairley's last La Brea show, etc. so get there EARLY!

Here are the details:

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
Union Station, Downtown Los Angeles

Secret Machines are going to rock it providing you took the Gold Line there.

Shepard Fairley is gonna dj his ass off seeing if you took the Red Line there.

The Cobrasnake will show off his Public Transit photos of all your hipster buddies if, and only if, you took a busride to the Union Station.

Jerry Garcia Band "Mystery Train"
The Cramps "Drug Train"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Seasonal Scenery

By the looks of Montecito Heights Drive the other day, the seasons must be a-changing. Gotta keep those broken down vans dry during the upcoming rainy season.

Just in case you decide to actually move it an inch one day. You never do know.

Paul Westerberg "Love You In The Fall"
Dock Boggs "My Old Horse Died"

Friday, October 06, 2006

Solar Stylin'

It seems that a lot of us are trying to be more pro-environment these days. Next door we have one of the "greenest" buildings in the country, Audubon Center. People are mulching, recycling water (whenever it rains in LA!), living "off grid", etc. If you are interested in green living, there is a cool thing going on this Saturday in our neighborhood. Some of the houses that are living this way are opening their doors to let us come in and see how they pull it off. How much are the start up costs? Which way to point your solar cells. Where to buy them. Etc.

From the EcoHome website:

"On Saturday, October 7th thousands of solar-powered homes and buildings in 44 states will be open for public tours as part of the 11th annual American Solar Energy Society's National Solar Tour. The National Solar Tour offers Americans an opportunity to see how their neighbors are putting reliable solar power and other energy efficient technologies to work. Interest in solar power has increased dramatically in the wake of escalating fuel costs, devastating weather and growing concerns over energy security. Learn first hand what it is like to live more sustainably, on or off the grid, the practical steps to take, how to find reputable contractors, and what it cost. "

A couple houses are even next door, over in Mt. Washington:

The Schneider home features a fully passive solar design, with solar electric, solar hot water, greywater and outstanding native plantings.

The Parrish Residence features a very large photovoltaic solar array installed by Dr. Peter Parrish, a professional solar designer and installer. The system provides all the power needed for this wonderful home on a spacious lot. See for yourself, meet the professional, and learn about solar.

And one more that isn't that far away, just up the CA-2:

Gaudi meets Disney in this experiment in progress home, fantasy fun in a suburban neighborhood. Film concept designer built a 2-1/2 story 3000 sq. ft. family 3 bedroom chalet with 20' high living room-sunspace water wall, passive cooling and heating, 2 kw array, 1984 Sunfrost fridge, recycled steel custom windows, recycled wood floors/ ceiling/ framing, radiant floor, 13,000 local rocks throughout, gargoyles, drought tolerant landscaping, many fruit trees, gray water, solar trains/ stream/ falls/ pools, solar pumped and ionized swimming pool, 120 year old trees in the backyard.

Phish "Suzy Greenberg"
Burning Spear "Man in the Hills"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Skateboard Champion

Twas skating along the river of the historic arroyo seco and made a left onto York. Past the hardware store and through thee little park. Made another left at Fig and somewhere between the park and 43rd I saw this great patch on a wall.

Thought it was strange, perfect, ironic and completely random. And I loved it. If only I was still a carefree skate rat.

A Tribe Called Quest "Back in the Days"
Rakim "Follow the Leader"