Monday, August 30, 2010


From the Above the City mailbox...

My dog was viciously attacked last night at Debs Park by two huge akitas,
their owner had them off the leash.
My dog is an 85 lb chow/shepard mix and he was on the leash.
We came around the corner on the trail at Debs and I saw that the akitas
were off leash and asked if they were friendly.
The guy casually said no, within seconds the akitas had my dog pinned on his back and were tearing into him, the guy just stood there.
I yelled for him to get his dogs and kicked one of them in the head and pulled it off. Finally he got the other one.
My dog is a big strong healthy dog and these dogs dwarfed him.
I asked the guy for his phone number for the vet bill - surprise - not a working number.
My 85 lb dog has puncture wounds on both sides of his chest and is having surgery tomorrow
to have the wounds cleaned and he may need to have the muscle underneath stitched."

Sad. Anyone have any info on who this owner might be with two huge akita dogs, please let everyone know!

Joy Division "She's Lost Control"
Son House "Low Down Dirty Dog Blues"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Fun

Hiked up the hill and took a left at the tree.
Hoped to walk the trail and swing and be free.

When I rounded the trail there was nothing but the wind.
So home I went. Whoever stole the swing, you have done sinned.

Iron & Wine "The Trapeze Swinger"
Biz Markie "Pickin' Boogers"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Anyone know what is going on with the hill under one of our favorite midcentury modern houses on the hill?

Some sort of weird retaining wall?
Artful brush clearance?
Prepping to grow wine grapes?

Al Green "That's the Way It Is"
The Kay-Gees "Who's the Man (With the Master Plan)"

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Graff cat sighting in Highland Park.

Of all the crappy graffiti around here, the fuzz seemed to go after the dude that made these. They always put a smile on my face. Oh well, guess I'll have to enjoy scrawled out letters and different scrawled out letters over them.

Miss the graff cats around our area.

Jerry Garcia Band "Cats Under the Stars"
Jackie Parris "Make Me Smile"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oooh the new bike path is still going.

Wait a second, why is the path veering off towards a sewer hole?

Ah man, it's not a bike path. Just some sort of new water channel.


Busdriver "Wrong Route"
The Replacements "Unsatisfied"

Sunday, August 08, 2010


What in the hell happened to our little Anessa's store?

I am all for cool graff murals but what is this?

It kinda sticks out. The Aves tags look nicer.

Gene Chandler & Jerry Butler "You Just Can't Win (By Makin' the Same Mistake)"
Big Boi "Hood Figga"

Thursday, August 05, 2010


From the EastsiderLA site and KTLA...sketchy! Be careful out there...

A hiker rescue near Highland Park took a bizarre turn Wednesday morning when firefighters discovered the man had reportedly been robbed and tied up.

The hiker was spotted at the bottom of a canyon in Ernest E. Debs Regional Park shortly after 9 a.m on August 4th.

Los Angeles City Fire Department officials at the scene reported the man had been robbed and left at the park.

Camp Lo "Gotcha"
Lee Fields "Problems"

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pathway to....

The Arroyo Seco bike path ends now at the horse stables to the North. Always wished it would go further down to the Rose Bowl. All the way along the Arroyo Seco channel. Why not?

Got excited the other day when I saw a wood path start just after where the bike path ends. Is this the start of the bike path extension!? It even has it's own waterfall! How far will the new path go?

Or is it just a wooden wall to catch errant driving range golf balls?

Cracker "I Ride My Bike"
Craig Mack "The Wooden Horse"