Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Windy Lines

Heavy winds a couple days back was cool in many ways. One of them was it allowed the planes to do a little redirectin'. Big huge heavy jetlines buzzing Montecito Heights. It was very cool to see except through my weak little camera.

Dad worked the airlines for all his life so it is in my guts. Saw many United, Southworst and AA's. 747's, a couple 737's and a several 727's.

Things on the hill seem the same. Corner store got tagged by the local gang, actually both stores got it which is rare, the brown van is still chillin' on the corner under the trees, the upper Montecito Drive retaining wall is still hanging on by a thread, the one house on the middle of the hill is STILL for sale, a couple of parcels of land opened up (hope whoever snags them that they keep them empty and happy), saw the old chap ridin' his bike up and down the hill and over to Highland Park or Eagle Rock or Cypress Park or Downtown, and the same lovely people are walking their dogs or just themselves. Lovin' the livin'.

Digable Planets "Flyin' High in the Brooklyn Sky"
John Denver "Leaving on a Jet Plane"