Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Amazingly rad picture snapped back in the '50s. When there were seven houses in a row, with empty fields all around, at the top of Montecito Dr. Love the dirt road at the bottom of the frame. What a time to live on the hill!

Earlier this year, I wondered if the same angle could be found. The closest I could get was at Pagoda and Montecito which had a very similarly lovely view of the Arroyo. You can even still make out the now faded red roofs of Latona Elementary (which must have just been built in the 50's?).

It seemed fitting to post the old picture now reading about the fierce neighborly uproar over a fence that could block this view forever. From what I've read, no one seems to know how tall the fence will be, whose view will be lost, on and on. And with the City mucking around now, who knows what will happen. I'm sure it will happen slowly though.

Unfortunately things change, hillsides reshape, views get lost, and then it becomes all new again. Be fortunate for the vistas we still have all over the hill.

Old and In The Way "I Lost It"
Jackie Mittoo "Jump The Fence"

Monday, July 27, 2009


Tipi here one month, tipi gone the next.

Wha' happen? The dude give up living in it and move back into a house? All torn down and only rubble left? And just as his big article came out? Weak. Well maybe he is just adding a second story to it.

Modest Mouse "Lives"
Slim Harpo "Tip On In"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Local Montecito Heights Jail in March and how it presently looks in July. Overgrown and almost hidden. It will show itself again in the Winter.

Again, California is trying to push thru a budget deal that would let 27,000 inmates out early. 1 in 5 commit a violent crime within months of release. We don't need that, there is enough sketchy shit happening out there already.

Jackie Mittoo "Hang 'Em High"
Dock Boggs "Poor Boy in Jail"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thomas Slide

Summer heat is here so go find a local waterslide to cool off. There is a good one on the Thomas St. hill, just bring a couple jugs of water.

You can see that it starts at the top of the hill and you slide down thru the trees to the bottom. Only rough thing is that you will need to hike back up to slide down it again. And it might be a little rocky, but hey, it is free.

Gregory Isaacs "Party in the Sun"
J Dilla "Make It Fast"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Peace Out

Let's hope for peace this weekend. Follow the dumpster. Don't be in it.

No fights except if they involve water.
And no heat except from the bright sun.

Busdriver "Sun Shower"
Blind Joe Taggart "The Storm is Passing Over"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heritage on Homer

At the base of the hill is Heritage Square, that many know about but always seem to forget about. This local gem has almost 10 structures on the little plot of land hugging the Arroyo and the 110. The houses are like living stories from another time in Los Angeles.

Over the next several Thursdays, Heritage Square (3800 Homer St) will be having FREE concert nights. They open the doors at 5pm, music usually starts around 6pm, and you continue dancing until sundown. The staff, with many volunteers, are always super nice, work hard, and share good shows with our community. So get out of that traffic and stop on by to support them!

This Thursday eat free samples from Papa Pollo and listen to the classic sounds of the Mariachi Divas. Perfect music to watch the sun down down on a lost era. I'm hoping for a reggae band will play there one of these years! More info, go to the source: heritagesquare.org

Morgan Heritage "Down By the River"
Traffic "Traffic Magic"

A Better City

I agree with a neon sign under the Spring St. bridge awhile back.

Especially after hearing about a bike riders and a local gang clash on outskirts of Montecito Heights over the weekend. Seems bottles were thrown at the passing riders which turned to yelling and more throwing of objects and then a girl gets pushed off her bike and then shovels start swinging and just all out ugly mayhem. One guy was shot but he has survived so far.

No matter who was wrong, both sides could have squashed this beef before it escalated to that. Man it didn't even need to start. Too much stupid macho tough guy skinkeye posturing.

So sad. Our lovely neighborhood!

Funkadelic "Super Stupid"
Brand Nubian "Punks Jump Up"

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

For Rent Take Two

The old Chinese Herbs place down on the only commercial corner is back on the market. Must have been a 6 month lease to whoever snagged it. In January and out July.

Shortly after the For Rent sign came down, a white room divider went up in the window. Never saw a new store sign go up and never saw anyone coming or going whenever I drove or walked by. Then a few ceramic pots appeared. Then a couple more. A new empty pot would show up in the window every week or so. Strange.

Then a cat showed up and would always be in the window. Think he must have rented it out for awhile. Why not, let the local coyotes harass some other cat. He stocked the room with wet catfood and mice. Living the high life. Six months of bliss.

But seriously...
The rent is cheap.
The location is good.
The sketch factor is high.
Go make something good out of it.

People Under the Stairs "The Cat"
John Lee Hooker "House Rent Blues"

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Through the reeds. Dusk and dawn. Deb's Park. A true natural treasure in a big concrete city.

Beck "Debra"
DJ Day "Four Hills"

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Yes! Finally got a snap of the elusive peahen I've read so much about. Heard it used to live on Pagoda Pl. and now lives all over the hill. Some people hate it, some people love it. How can you not love such a cool beautiful creature?

The J.B's "Pass the Peas"
Herbie Hancock "Bring Down The Birds"